I Am Obsessed With Perler Beads (And You Should Be Too)

I am currently completely obsessed with perler beads. Their little plastic beads that come in a million colors, that you design into shapes and iron together to make your “art”. I say “art” because this form of craft has been relegated to the summer camp activity list and the “suitable for children under 10” section… Continue reading I Am Obsessed With Perler Beads (And You Should Be Too)

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23 Times Glitter Made It Better

Let’s face it, glitter get’s a bad rap. Messy, bright, “girly”, people just don’t like it. Well, they think they don’t. I’ve realized that people don’t really notice they are in the presence of glitter when tastefully applied. So here are 23 shining examples of glitter looking amazing and elevating craft to a classy level. Allons-y!… Continue reading 23 Times Glitter Made It Better


Accessories The Easy Way

When I got back into crafting it was with baby steps. I didn’t dive head first into painting or cross stitch. I just got some stuff, glued it to some other stuff and — voilà! — I just made something. Now this wasn’t your average, gluing pretty things together kind of crafts. No, I’m too… Continue reading Accessories The Easy Way